Journal of International Logistics and Trade
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A Strategic Model for a Northeast Asian Logistic Hub in Korea

Hun-Koo Ha*
1Korea Transport Institute
*Corresponding author: Research Fellow and Director, Center for Logistics, Transport Economics & Northeast Asian Studies, The Korea Transport Institute, Seoul, Korea. Tel: 031)910-3147, E-Mail:

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Published Online: Dec 31, 2003


The objective of this study is to present a successful strategy to promote Korea as the logistics hub of Northeast Asia. Firstly, we introduce the necessity of a logistic hub strategy for Korea. In order to develop a successful strategy, we consider the ‘free trade zone’ model of the Netherlands and China. We develop a realistic and suitable model for Korea based on this ‘free trade zone’ model. Our proposal for a successful logistic hub strategy for Korea is the fulfillment of the following six objectives: 1) security of market accessibility, 2) improvement of the logistic system, 3) improvement of the education system, 4) improvement of the tax system, 5) assurance of labor market flexibility, and 6) development of an appealing living environment for foreigners.