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Journal of International Logistics and Trade. Vol. 8, No. 1, 2010

Common Logistics Center adoption in Korea’s small and medium companies
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2010;8(1):1-12.
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Determining terminal concession durations in seaports: theoretical considerations, applicable techniques and current practices
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2010;8(1):13-40.
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Dynamic lot sizing with minimum order size and lost sales
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2010;8(1):41-55.
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The effect of export incentives on export promotion: the case of Korea
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2010;8(1):57-68.
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How to make container control measures using radio frequency identification consistent with WTO jurisprudence
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2010;8(1):69-91.
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Enhancing Asia’s trade: price and non-price barriers revisited
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2010;8(1):93-115.
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Call for Paper: Special Issue

Special Issue: Artificial Intelligence for Smart Supply Chain
Deadline of submissions: 30 November 2021 → 28 March 2022
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