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Journal of International Logistics and Trade. Vol. 3, No. 1, 2005

Guest Editorial: Trade and Transportation Facilitation
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2005;3(1):1-8.
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Economic Cooperation for Common Prosperity in the Trans-Pacific Region
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2005;3(1):9-12.
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A Preferential Trade Area in Northeast Asia Prospects and Problems
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2005;3(1):13-26.
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Exploring the Possibility for a U.S.-Korea FTA
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2005;3(1):27-48.
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Russia-Korea trade and investment cooperation: critical trends and perspectives
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2005;3(1):49-74.
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J. Int. Logist. Trade 2005;3(1):75-97.
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Innovations in Logistics and Barge Carrier Vessel Design for Coastal and Inland Waterway Shipping
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2005;3(1):99-119.
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Logistics and Matter-Element Models Based on the Firm’s Innovative Approach
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2005;3(1):121-145.
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Call for Paper: Special Issue

Special Issue: Artificial Intelligence for Smart Supply Chain
Deadline of submissions: 30 November 2021 → 28 March 2022
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