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Journal of International Logistics and Trade. Vol. 2, No. 1, 2004

Guest Editorial
Moving Forwards…
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2004;2(1):1-4.
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Leisure Port Development in the Incheon Area: Concepts and Benchmarks
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2004;2(1):5-45.
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The Performance of Port Clusters
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2004;2(1):47-56.
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Short Sea Shipping and Its Role in Logistics Supply Chains: A European Perspective
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2004;2(1):57-68.
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Organizational Values as ‘Attractors of Chaos’: An Emerging Supply Chain Management Change Designed to Overcome Organizational Complexity
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2004;2(1):69-84.
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Evaluation of Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Container Ports
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2004;2(1):85-93.
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International Container Port System Concentration: What Does it Look Like?1
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2004;2(1):95-118.
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Intermodal Logistics Policies: Where Do We Stand Internationally?
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2004;2(1):119-141.
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Call for Paper: Special Issue

Special Issue: Artificial Intelligence for Smart Supply Chain
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