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Journal of International Logistics and Trade. Vol. 17, No. 4, 2019

Network Robustness of Major Asian Airlines and the Impact of Airports’ Brokerage Roles
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2019;17(4):89-102.
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Innovative Waterway-Waterway Transfer Service Models and Experience for Container Logistics in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone: A Case Study of Taicang Express Line
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2019;17(4):103-112.
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Maritime Transport Network Analysis: A Critical Review of Analytical Methods and Applications
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2019;17(4):113-122.
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Call for Paper: Special Issue

Special Issue: Artificial Intelligence for Smart Supply Chain
Deadline of submissions: 30 November 2021 → 28 March 2022
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