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Journal of International Logistics and Trade. Vol. 13, No. 3, 2015

Editorial of the Special Issue
Trade and Logistics in an Era of Asian Integration
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2015;13(3):3-6.
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Value Chain Transition in East Asian Production Network
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2015;13(3):7-42.
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Liner Shipping Connectivity and International Trade in Maritime Southeast Asian Countries
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2015;13(3):43-74.
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Changing Import Preferences and Their Impact on The Effects of Trade Liberalization
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2015;13(3):75-111.
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Investment Promotive Effects of Mega-FTAs on the Cooperative Game for Eurasia Initiative
J. Int. Logist. Trade 2015;13(3):113-131.
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